My Flag Is On Fire. April 19-21 2010. Reno, NV.

We tracked the basics in for the new record by Reno’s My Flag Is On Fire in the basement of an old  warehouse just east of downtown. It was very cold and dusty, but the sound of the room was worth it. absolutely beautiful cavernous reverberation.

Kevin Lum

Shelly Goodin

Kevin Lum played piano and organ. a very talented player, and a gentleman to boot.

The delightful Shelly Goodin played her accordian beautifully while dressed like an adoreable gnome.

The deeply soulful Mr. Mike Mechanic operated the drum kit with panache, verve, enthusiasm and skill. He also kept everyone in snacks and good humor while we toiled in the dust and cold. I don’t think we could have done it without this particular cat.

Mr. Mike Mayhall is a huge player. we spent the first half of day one getting sounds before he arrived. When he did, he simply sat down, tuned  his bass, and NAILED IT. It’s what he does. He is Awesome.

Charles Taggart and Zack Teran  comprised the string section, on cello and bass respectively. Both of these gentlemen are consummate musicians and fine fellows. The strings Frickin’ sang in that room. It was what drew us to recording there at first. Just thinking “wow…the strings would sound amazing in here….”  Well, they did….thanks to these two chaps.

Mike Mechanic

Mike Mayhall

Tyler Williams

Of course the glue holding this whole thing together would be the man in charge, Mr. Tyler Willams. The songs are his, the vision is his, and he knows what he’s doing. This is going to be a good one. We are very excited to be working with Ty on this project.

Phase 2 will take place in late May. Ty thought that after we subjected him to the punishment of a 50 degree dusty basement with a flooding problem, (we had to evacuate the gear from the control room on the last night when the walls began to leak!) he would seek his revenge during vocal tracking.This sadistic bastard is making us track vocals in a cabin at Lake Tahoe. Payback is a bitch.

Charles Taggart

Tech notes, photos from Phase 2, and  audio to come…..

Tyler Williams

Zak Teran & Tyler Williams


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